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    Fiber Splicing

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    Fiber Splicing

    Fiber Splicing

    We are a leader company in the underground construction industry, offering a full range of telecommunications services including fiber optic construction and technical services. Our highly trained teams have the experience and expertise necessary to complete your project on time, within budget, and to your specifications. Whether it be, aerial or underground network line construction, network slicing, and testing, or final network turn-up and customer training, we are up to the task.

    At RTS Underground we specialize in maintaining the performance and expanding the power of your fiber optics system. Our fiber optic cable fusion splicing and mechanical termination services allow you to expand the reach and functionality of your system. We use cutting-edge technology to combine optic fiber ends into one fully-connected stream assuring top quality, and streamlined operation as you expand and improve your system.

    Our experts can set up your fiber optics systems to meet your needs. To increase your security, computing power, connectivity, and more in your office, contact us today about fiber optic cable fusion splicing and mechanical termination.